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Persistent Storage for Containers: Stateful Apps in Docker

Containers have obviously changed the way we deploy apps to our infrastructure. We’ve gone from […]

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Container Gotchas – The Persistent Storage Problem

Most people have heard the mantra that containers should be immutable and infrastructure should be […]

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Interactive Tutorial: Sandbox Docker Cluster

Trying StorageOS is easy. Here you can try the first of five interactive tutorials providing […]

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Docker Native Support for Kubernetes: Thoughts on the DockerCon News

DockerCon’s keynote yesterday made clear that Kubernetes has won the hearts and minds of the […]

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containerd, K8s APIs and Keel at Cloud Native London

On 1 August 2017, I hosted another successful Cloud Native London meetup, with over a […]

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Why Containers Miss a Major Mark: Solving Persistent Data in Docker

We know how to develop faster. We know how to release faster. Now we need […]

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Computer Weekly: StorageOS goes to market with persistent Docker container storage

StorageOS is now available on the Docker marketplace with software product that manages stateful storage […]

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StorageOS Releases Public Beta of its Persistent Storage Solution for Docker Users

Exhibiting at DockerCon 17 (S12) in Austin, StorageOS enables developers to build stateful containerized apps, […]

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StorageOS is Docker Certified: Meet StorageOS at DockerCon17

We are excited to announce that StorageOS is Docker Certified! The Docker Certification Program is […]

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Packet Pushers: Improving Stateful Container Storage with StorageOS

Ethan Banks at Packet Pushers writes: “The joy of operating a container-based infrastructure is all […]

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6 Problems with Container Technology

Everyone is talking about containers, yet there’s many people that don’t understand containers and even […]

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StorageOS to Highlight Persistent Container Storage at CloudNativeCon and Tech Field Day Events

London, UK – Nov 7, 2016 – StorageOS, an on-demand, persistent container storage startup, today […]

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SearchStorage: Vendors target storage for containers with DevOps in mind

Enterprises have new tools to manage storage for Docker containers in production. Legacy vendors and […]

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ComputerWeekly: Containers and storage: The challenge of persistent storage

Containers have been rising in prominence over the past year or so, but this last […]

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ComputerWeekly: StorageOS tackles shortcomings of container storage

As containers gain popularity for webscale apps, startup StorageOS launches in beta to provide persistent […]

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