How to Deploy StorageOS in an OpenShift Cluster [Video Demo]

How to Deploy StorageOS in an OpenShift Cluster

If you plan to deploy databases, message busses, and other mission-critical stateful solutions, where rapid recovery and fault tolerance are essential, you need cloud native storage for OpenShift.

StorageOS is software-defined storage designed and built from the ground up to be application-centric. It enables you to run highly performant transactional workloads in OpenShift.

The recommended way to run StorageOS on an OpenShift 3.9 cluster is to deploy the StorageOS Cluster Operator (read more on our docs page). Watch a demo to see how easy it is to deploy StorageOS in an OpenShift cluster.



Author: Ferran Castell

Ferran Castell is on the Product Reliability Engineering team at StorageOS.

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