StorageOS Makes Version 2.0 Available for Kubernetes Environment

StorageOS debuts Version 2.0, to handle complexity of cluster environments and bakes security at every layer of the stack.

StorageOS is a software-defined cloud native storage platform that delivers persistent storage for Kubernetes. The scalable storage platform is built from the ground-up with no legacy restrictions and now V2.0 improves resiliency in clustered environments that are subject to more transient failures. The scalable architecture enables enterprises to cope with unpredictable failure scenarios. On the other hand, traditional storage solutions cannot handle the complexity of clustered deployments at scale.

V2.0 has placed security at the top of its priority. The company has designed V2.0 to enable security at every layer with encryption in transit. Even the data shared between the nodes is encrypted and authenticated to maintain security.

The platform delivers the required availability, management, performance, and security for users to run stateful workloads at scale on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. StorageOS would help the users to achieve their business benefits of containers and orchestrators by delivering persistent storage to applications in Kubernetes environments.

In addition to the above features, StorageOS has integrated with Kubernetes CSI and enables declarative storages. Declarative storages allow users to deploy and provision resources and services alongside CPU, networking, and other application resources.

“Kubernetes users working with increasingly complex deployments require storage that delivers predictability for replication and failover,” commented Alex Chircop, Founder and CEO at StorageOS. “Users are also deploying more mature Kubernetes environments resulting in a need for production-grade storage. StorageOS V2.0 is ideally suited to these requirements, and we are already seeing significant demand across a range of organisations and markets.”


Author: StorageOS

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