StorageOS for AKS

Gain rapid failover, high availability and enterprise security

For those organizations using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), StorageOS enables Azure Managed Disks to be used with Kubernetes Persistent Volume Claims to deliver enterprise-grade rapid failover, high availability, performance and security.

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Rapid Failover

If disk connection failover speed is important, StorageOS can help improve availability and failover times. StorageOS delivers rapid time-to-recovery for customers wanting to run databases in AKS with Azure Managed Disks.

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Cross Fault Domain Replication for High Availability

Unlike with virtual machines, within the Azure Kubernetes Service, there’s no guarantee that Azure Managed Disk will be spread across fault domains.

To deliver cross Fault Domain HA in AKS, StorageOS replicates data synchronously between nodes for high availability and creates up to five synchronous replicas of a volume, implements anti-affinity rules and integrates with Azure to assure volumes are placed in different availability zones, reducing downtime and providing durability even when nodes and components fail.

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Organizations requiring high performance for databases and stateful workloads in AKS can turn to StorageOS.

By creating a software-defined, highly available storage pool on top of Azure Managed Disks, StorageOS ensures volumes are dynamically created and thin provisioned, then placed in the correct pools based on rules driven by Kubernetes labels. Data Locality presents these volumes to the application locally, where possible, for lowest latency and highest throughput. In-memory caching speeds up access to volumes even if volumes are located on a remote node.

Azure customers benefit from a complementary software-defined storage solution to support high performance applications.

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Azure Managed Disks makes use of Azure Storage Service Encryption to provide encryption-at-rest to safeguard data or Azure Disk Encryption to encrypt the OS and data disks used by an IaaS Virtual Machine or AKS using Azure Managed Disk. Unfortunately, Microsoft holds access to the encryption keys and for many enterprises this presents a compliance and security issue.

StorageOS helps to improve data security and compliance with automated encryption where enterprises control the keys.

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Benefits of StorageOS with Azure Managed Disks

With StorageOS on top of Azure Managed Disks, enterprise customers gain access to a high performance, secure software-defined storage solution.

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Azure Container Marketplace automation for StorageOS

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StorageOS ticks all the boxes when it comes to simplifying storage provisioning and management with business rules automation, letting developers focus on building great applications that drive their users’ businesses.

Letizia Lukas, Director, exigo S.A.

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