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StorageOS – Cloud native, persistent storage for containers [Video]

Containers and cloud servers have revolutionized application deployment, but storage isn’t keeping up. Enterprises are using container based apps as scalable front ends, but still leveraging traditional database solutions or managed DB services that are not portable or scalable. And public cloud storage does not offer the performance, reliability, durability, or compliance required in an enterprise organization. To support enterprise adoption of containers, storage must evolve. 

And the evolution needs to be cloud native.

StorageOS is THE cloud native storage solution. Software-defined, StorageOS is a scaleout/up storage platform for running your enterprise containerized apps in production. StorageOS is conceptually pretty simple; it’s a virtualization layer on top of any commodity or cloud storage. Watch the short video on StorageOS.


Author: Danielle Cook

Danielle is the Marketing Director at StorageOS.

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