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StorageOS a Finalist in the Firestarter Tech Trailblazer Awards

StorageOS has been announced as a finalist in the Firestarter Trailblazer category in the Tech Trailblazers Awards. See some of our entry.

Containers by nature do not support the production requirements for a stateful storage architecture that can support databases, user data and logs. While there are other container-based storage solutions coming to market, most don’t have enterprise features like inline compression, encryption, snapshots, replication and high availability that are expected for production workloads. There are also gateway products that will connect containers to legacy storage systems that have these features, but these solutions don’t always have the API integration to fully support DevOps, which requires a fully programmatically controlled solution. Additionally, if the storage is network-based, it does not scale in the same fashion as the DevOps environment scales, which may make it more difficult to ensure resources are available in lock step with each other.

A better solution was needed. StorageOS delivers persistent storage for containers, delivering scalable, deterministic, low latency storage performance, simplifying provisioning and management of containerized storage. All while enabling secure data mobility for containers allowing movement of data between bare metal, virtual machines or cloud storage.

StorageOS delivers container-based storage software that runs on the same platforms as applications to provide enterprise class storage functionality, making it easier for software developers and sysadmins to create, test, deploy, scale and rebuild containerized applications in both existing datacentres as well as in public cloud. The software-based storage solution provides a public-cloud-like user experience in enterprise datacentres by simplifying management, increasing scale and availability and securely moving data between servers, VMs or cloud infrastructures. Moreover, StorageOS provides local disk performance as the container runs on the same server that hosts the storage.

Rose Ross, Chief Trailblazer, Tech Trailblazers Awards said:

“An outstanding year for enterprise tech startup entrants. Our judges certainly had their work cut out this year and I certainly do not envy them as this gets harder year on year. The Tech Trailblazers team wish these outstanding startups and startup superheroes the very best of the luck.”

About the Tech Trailblazers Awards

Tech Trailblazers is a new concept in awards, designed explicitly for smaller businesses and startups that are five years old or less and at C-series funding or below. The awards have low barriers to entry and aim to recognise both established and up-and-coming startups.


Author: Danielle Cook

Danielle is the Marketing Director at StorageOS.

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