StorageOS 0.7.9 Released

Today we are releasing an update for StorageOS focused on stability and user experience improvements.

StorageOS 0.7.9 is now available on the Docker Hub. It will soon be available on the Docker Store.

Since the public beta launch at DockerCon in Austin we have made the following updates:


  • Node statistics reporting
  • Compression (in-transit and at-rest) enabled by default
  • Maintenance mode to allow partial startup when KV store not ready


  • Refactored startup process
  • Better volume distribution across cluster
  • Relaxed volume naming requirements to support Docker dynamic volumes
  • More instrumentation counters for volume stats
  • Improved data plane error handling and retry logic
  • Replication enhancements
  • Better write parallelization performance
  • Ongoing log-level tuning to reduce noise
  • More granular control of data plane log levels


  • Issue removing metadata on volume destroy
  • Improved compression performance
  • Default volume size now consistent across CLI/API/Docker/Kubernetes
  • KV Store documentation (thanks @wcgcoder)

For more information, visit our documentation or try StorageOS via Docker Store.


Author: Simon Croome

Simon’s background is in providing infrastructure solutions for financial services and government organizations. Simon is a co-founder of StorageOS, where he leads Engineering. He is focused on bringing enterprise-class storage capabilities to containerized environments.

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