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Platform Architecture Overview

StorageOS is a cloud native storage solution. It’s a software-defined, scale-out/up storage platform for running enterprise containerized applications in production. Get the technical overview.

Webinar: How to migrate MySQL database into Kubernetes?

Ferran Castell demonstrates migration of MySQL databases from a standalone server to a Kubernetes cluster using StorageOS.

Demo: Backups with Velero and StorageOS

Angelos Perivolaropoulos, Product Reliability Engineer demonstrates how to backup your volumes using Velero and StorageOS. 

Demo: Jenkins with StorageOS

Join Ferran Castell, Product Reliability Engineer demonstrates how to CI/CD with Jenkins using the StorageOS platform.

Demo: HA MySQL with StorageOS

Ferran Castell, Product Reliability Engineer (PRE) demonstrates on how to achieve HA MySQL with StorageOS.

Demo: How to install StorageOS?

Ferran Castell demonstrates installation of StorageOS. Allowing the migration of stateful applications to containers with ease of use, portability and management capabilities. See how easy it is to access StorageOS persistent storage.

CNCF Webinar: How to migrate databases into Kubernetes?

See a live example of how to migrate databases from a standalone server to a Kubernetes cluster.

Webinar: Migrating Postgres database into Kubernetes

See how declarative configuration can make your life easier enabling self-service storage provisioning for your stateful workloads.

CNCF Webinar: Everything you need to know about Storage for Kubernetes

Session highlights cloud native storage technologies and how they integrate with K8s in orchestrated workloads.

Webinar: Q&A on Storage for Kubernetes

Answers to some of your common questions on storage for Kubernetes.

Intro + Deep Dive into StorageOS

Get a technical deep dive into StorageOS, cloud native storage for Kubernetes.

CNCF Webinar: Storage Landscape for Containerized Stateful Applications

An overview of storage technologies as explained in the CNCF Storage Landscape white paper, and a technical outline of how storage is consumed by containerized stateful applications running in Kubernetes.

StorageOS & Rancher Integration

StorageOS is available in the Rancher catalog, allowing the migration of stateful applications to containers with the same ease of use, portability and management capabilities that Rancher is known for.

Kubernetes Master Class: Fast Database Recovery on Rancher

StorageOS engineers will highlight challenges running databases in StatefulSets and demonstrate how to solve them on Rancher.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners: StorageOS Product Brief

Build transactional, stateful containerized apps (databases, messages busses and other mission-critical solutions) in OpenShift.

Persistent Container Storage: The Business Case

Freeform Dynamics discusses considerations for organizations deploying containers in production.

DZone RefCard Persistent Container Storage

Containers are great for building applications with ephemeral data. But what if you need your data to persist? Download the DZone Refcard to learn what you need for container storage.

IDC: StorageOS Providing Persistent Storage for Containerized Applications

This IDC Vendor Profile provides an analysis of StorageOS, a provider of software-defined storage for container and cloud environments, with a focus on its persistent storage technology to help developers build stateful containerized applications.

Software-Defined Storage for Kubernetes

Learn how StorageOS integrates natively with Kubernetes to provide Persistent Volumes for containers. Hear how any application or database can be containerized and deployed on on-premises or in the cloud.

Persistent Storage with Kubernetes in Production

Persistent storage often seems like a confusing plethora of options. This talk compares and contrasts the most popular solutions, and lays out the eight principles for cloud native storage.

Stateful Applications in Containers

All applications need to store state somewhere! But containers have challenges – persistence of data, performance, complexity of existing solutions and even scalability. Cheryl Hung, Product Manager discusses.

Solving storage for containers

Containers need persistent storage, and legacy storage arrays don’t work. StorageOS is defining and delivering the future of storage for the enterprise and developers.

Enterprise Container Storage

Existing enterprise storage is inflexible, expensive, difficult to manage, and complex to automate. Transform commodity or cloud infrastructure into enterprise-class storage.

8 Core Principles of Cloud Native Storage

Storage must evolve to support the convergence of container and cloud adoption. Get the eBook detailing the eight core principles of cloud native storage.

How to Enable Persistent Storage for Docker

How can we manage applications and persistent container storage together as a single unit as we can with ephemeral NFS file shares or mounts in containers? Learn how to solve persistent storage in Docker.
  • StorageOS V2.2 Performance Release is Now AvailableLearn More