Persistent container storage made easy

Containers have made app deployment lightweight and portable. We think your data should be too.

StorageOS is a cloud native storage solution that delivers persistent container storage for your stateful applications in production.

Fast, scalable, software-based block storage, StorageOS delivers rapid failover, replication, in-memory cache, data reduction with access controls and a rules-engine baked in.

Dynamically provision highly available persistent volumes by simply deploying StorageOS anywhere with a single container.


Natively integrate StorageOS with any orchestrator, application or infrastructure in a Docker run command line.

Platform Managers

Provide developers with the agile storage needed without sacrificing the infrastructure controls you need.

Platform Architect

Built as a container, StorageOS easily integrates with your platform architecture.

Persistent Storage

StorageOS ensures you don’t lose data. We do this by serving as an abstraction layer of your data. You store it where you want, we present it to your stateful application. By creating up to six replicas of your data, StorageOS ensures the high availability and rapid failover.


Gain in-memory caching, quality of service and data locality with StorageOS. All data services (such as replication, compression, encryption) are inline and self-contained.

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Data Services

Built for containers, StorageOS provides the cloud native storage needed with the traditional storage features required in the enterprise including data reduction, storage pooling, replication for HA, agile scaling and block check sums.

Ease of Use

In just a few command lines, you can get started with StorageOS. Get started with the free version and scale StorageOS to your business requirements.

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Policy Management

Data can’t go just anywhere or be accessed by anyone. Get the policy management needed for your containerized applications.

Access the
StorageOS Playground

Access our fully configured environment to start playing and exploring using an unstructured learning approach.

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Get started with StorageOS

Free to use with 5TB of storage, see the benefits of StorageOS for yourself.

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