Simple, pay as you grow pricing

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Storage costs can get high fast. StorageOS is free to use as long as you want. As you grow, our flexible pricing model offers simple, pay as you go pricing per GB used per month. Get and pay for exactly what you need.


Free forever

Persistent storage for containers

  • Caching and network compression
  • Data compression and thin provisioning
  • Data locality (application runs on the same node as its data)
  • Management via policy driven storage and global namespaces
  • RESTful API and CLI (GUI coming soon)
  • Deploy as Docker/Kubernetes volume plugins, or as a single container on 64-bit Linux (bare metal, hypervisors and cloud providers coming soon)

Includes 1TB of storage capacity

$30/month plus monthly storage capacity

All developer features plus:

  • Volume high availability (disk failure protection) via erasure coding
  • Volume high availability (node failure protection) via in-cluster replication
  • Volume level encryption
  • Snapshots/clones
  • Basic QoS
  • Block level deduplication
  • Management via TLS, Client ACLs and role based management
  • Cluster scale out
  • Hyperconverged commodity hardware, AWS and Azure integration


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All professional features plus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your contracts?

You can purchase a licence for one month, three months or one year.

Is there a discount for long term commitments?

Yes, we offer discounts for contracts longer than three months.

How do I pay?

Payment is taken up-front via a credit card for the full term of a licence.

Do you sell storage?

No, you can purchase the most cost effective storage (VM storage, commodity hardware, or from a cloud provider) separately. StorageOS provides all the intelligence – you pay only for the storage needed.

Can I get StorageOS from the Docker Hub or Docker Store?

Yes, visit Quick Start to deploy your own cluster from the Docker Hub.

How do I use a licence?

Install StorageOS to your cluster and record the UUID. After purchasing a licence, enter the UUID in the portal to assign it to the cluster and enter the licence key via the CLI or API on any node. Automated license management coming soon.

How does purchasing storage capacity work?

For licences with capacity limits, your active storage is measured monthly.

What happens if I exceed the capacity limit?

Your data is still fully accessible, but you will not be able to provision new volumes until you purchase more capacity.

What happens when my licence expires?

Your data is still fully accessible, but you will not be able to provision new volumes until you renew your licence.

How do I cancel?

Contact [email protected] or open a case at

Can I switch licenses?

Contact [email protected]. You will receive either a pro-rated charge or refund. You will need to regenerate the licence key and enter it into StorageOS.

Have more questions?

Visit support to talk with our team.

The StorageOS solution is the first I’ve seen that provides a persistent, cloud-native storage platform that will help make applications portable and secure without hardware or cloud provider lock-in.

Rumi Contractor, President and Chief Operating Officer, Quinnox