Rock solid storage platform for containers

Scalable, reliable, performant storage platform for Kubernetes

Cloud-native workflows are exciting but bring new operational complexities.

As an Platform manager you are responsible for the uptime of your platform. Reliability is key, but scalability and performance come in close second. Cloud-native workflows are exciting but bring new operational challenges.

Build a reliable, robust platform that is scalable and performant.

StorageOS is tailored to meet the needs of Platform managers. Kubernetes is fast becoming the operating system for the cloud, and brings massive benefits for technology organizations, but finding the cloud-native storage platform that suits your business needs can be hard. StorageOS understands your journey, enabling you to build an reliable, robust platform that is scalable and performant for your users to run stateful workloads in production – whether you run your applications in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid.

Features & Benefits


StorageOS offers per volume encryption and the ability to use one’s own encryption keys. Delivering industry-leading availability while enabling comprehensive data security across the enterprise.

Premium support

24/7 world-class support from our engineers.


Run applications up to 15 times faster than other storage providers. Deterministic performance results in predictable low latency for databases and other stateful applications.


StorageOS dynamically reacts to changes in the environment. It can move application data between locations, dynamically resize volumes for growth, take point in time copies of data for data retention or facilitate rapid recovery of data. StorageOS is a fully managed enterprise storage solution with built-in tools for simplified integration and deployment. Integrated into your favorite platforms with extensible plugins and APIs as well as pre-built, seamless integration with Kubernetes, Rancher and Openshift.

Extremely lightweight

StorageOS has the smallest footprint improving your utilisation of resources. The optimal mix of public, private and edge cloud resources.

High Availability

Quickly recover your applications and databases, with volumes accessible across the entire cluster providing high availability, durability, and consistency of application data. Each volume independently manages placement and recovery – reducing blast radius and increasing reliability in today’s complex, noisy environments, known as disaggregated consensus. StorageOS reduces the time to recovery allowing rapid cluster convergence by only replicating the missed data to the node.

The StorageOS Solution

StorageOS Platform Edition supports your production workloads around the world, comes with standard support, software updates and proactive monitoring. Our platform offers the performance and reliability that your mission critical applications require. We enable you to start small and scale as your project & business requires! StorageOS takes care of storage so that you can focus on your core business.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries. Here’s what they have to say about us.

We integrated with StorageOS for their cloud-native storage platform to fuel our SoDA platform, an enterprise software application that streamlines the process of intelligent data transfers to and from the public cloud, optimizing on-premise and cloud storage.

Chris Drynan, COO, IMT

Collaboration with StorageOS enables our clients to move their stateful workloads to a complete EBRC managed Kubernetes infrastructure.

Yuri Colombi, Head of Solutions & Innovation, EBRC

By partnering with StorageOS we are enabling persistent storage for applications, making workloads easily available, developer friendly and seamless to the end user.

Bruno Andrade, Founder, Shipa

There are a few critical areas in our stack where we cannot afford failure. Storage is one such area. We evaluated open-source options for cloud-native storage, but they were not as stable and scalable for our high-performance use case. We chose StorageOS because it is lightweight, reliable, scalable and performant.

Andy Jeffries, CTO, Civo


Platform Architecture Overview

Learn how StorageOS delivers a persistent storage solution for containers.


Learning Tutorials

Short video tutorials to guide you through the setup and use of StorageOS. Experiment, learn and see how we can help you solve your problems with container storage.


StorageOS Documentation

Aimed at architects, engineers, developers, sysadmins and anybody who wants to understand how to use StorageOS. It assumes some knowledge of Docker containers and container orchestrators.

Case Study

Shaking Up The Cloud Data Management Market

IMT identified a gap in the media and entertainment market by replacing traditional tape archives with cloud and cold storage solutions. StorageOS was there to help.


Performance Benchmarking Cloud Native Storage Solutions for Kubernetes

This new Performance Benchmarking Report evaluates four leading Kubernetes-based cloud native storage solutions.


Self-Evaluation Guide

Our Self Evaluation guide is a step by step recipe for installing and testing StorageOS.

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Get started with StorageOS.

Run containerised production applications with StorageOS in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

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