Packet Pushers

Packet Pushers: Improving Stateful Container Storage with StorageOS

Ethan Banks at Packet Pushers writes: “The joy of operating a container-based infrastructure is all of the change they introduce. Yes, that was sarcasm. My impression of containers is that they were originally more about application development and less about transforming infrastructure and operations. And yet, here we are. Containers are all the rage, touting benefits of reduced compute footprint, security, and portability. Containers are being used in more and more pockets of production.

With that increase in production, the immaturity of containers shows through, as operations teams are faced with the challenge of bringing feature parity to their container environments from their current environments. Bring on the conflict, as the stateful assumptions about normal application deployments don’t hold with the stateless assumptions of most containers.”

Read more at Packet Pushers on how StorageOS addresses the enterprise storage requirements of stateful containers.

Author: StorageOS Admin

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