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Little British Battlers: StorageOS: At the cutting edge of storage for containers

Little British Battler, StorageOS, provides persistent storage for containers. The technology is a piece of software that ‘sits’ in the container as opposed to being a piece of hardware.

Containers are playing a key role in the evolution of cloud delivery; they play well to the DevOps approach as they are a faster and more ‘lightweight’ way of putting apps into the cloud. They have typically been used for less data-heavy applications, but demand is starting to build around their use for more production workloads. Traditional storage solutions, however, were never designed to work in this environment – which is where StorageOS comes in. The technology is able to aggregate all the relevant stored data across the compute environment (on-premise and in the cloud) and then make it fully searchable (while ensuring it is still securely held). Indeed, we see this technology as being well positioned to play an important role in cloud migration by addressing the concerns and challenges around accessing data across the enterprise.


Author: Danielle Cook

Danielle is the Marketing Director at StorageOS.

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