Enterprise persistent storage for containers

Support production workloads for agile development teams with enterprise-grade cloud native storage

The infrastructure market has evolved significantly. We’ve journeyed from a hardware-centric/physical server world to virtual machines (VMs) and cloud.

VM’s deliver improved server density, but lack automation. IaaS and cloud deployments offer cost reduction and time to market improvements, but lack required enterprise features.

Containers are a path forward. Containers offer simplified application management and improved security, but they lack high availability and storage automation. Container orchestration delivers automation and HA for apps, but still lacks enterprise-grade storage. Container adoption is strong. 82% of developers have used or are using containers today.

To ensure containers can deliver enterprise functionality, StorageOS provides a small footprint, performant, application-centric, integrated software-defined storage solution for container platforms. With StorageOS, storage for containers becomes enterprise-grade with the features expected of storage – rapid failover, HA, security. The fundamental difference: developers and DevOps can self-provision storage as required, while infrastructure teams can build rules-based automation to ensure security, service levels, compliance and HA.

Integrated Storage

Integrated into your favorite platforms with extensible plugins and APIs

Data Services

Replication for HA, data reduction, storage pooling and agility to scale up or scale based on application requirements

Policy Management

Enforce policies and rules while still enabling storage self-service by developers and DevOps teams.

Enterprise Class

Keep your data safe and available


Optimized to give you the best performance from your platform

Made Easy

Automated configuration and simple management

StorageOS for infrastructure teams

Scale, manage and monitor storage infrastructure

  • Runs in user space, with no non-mainline kernel dependencies
  • Runs on any 64-bit Linux system – bare metal, VMs, cloud or hybrid
  • Automate storage management and apply policy with rules
  • Proactive monitoring and reporting on policies and SLAs
  • Enhanced availability, thin provisioning and volume management for cloud storage
  • Quality of service

Rules Based Automation

Standardize implementations with rules-based automation to enable developers and DevOps to self-provision storage while keeping centralized control of policy.

Break Cloud Lock-In

Break cloud provider lock-in by having greater app portability.

StorageOS bee transparent

Enable Production Container Adoption

Enable adoption of container and orchestrated environments.

Data Security

Improve data security with automated encryption – enterprises control the keys.

StorageOS bee transparent

Improved Time to Market

DevOps team can rapidly self-provision and expand the storage for containerized applications while the infrastructure team can control and report service levels, compliance and QoS.

Reduced Cost

Decrease the cost of storage by running on-prem and in the cloud using the same storage and orchestration

Improved Time to Market

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