How StorageOS Works
Software-defined, cloud native storage for Kubernetes

Employ cloud native workflows using highly available, scalable and resilient persistent storage for Kubernetes

Ships as a lightweight container

Deploy as a DaemonSet across your Kubernetes nodes, orchestrated by our operator

Designed to be simple to install – requiring only a few commands to achieve a working cluster

StorageOS container includes a purpose-built intelligent control plane and data plane

Includes replication for high availability to keep your data safe and encryption in transit to keep it secure from prying eyes

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Inside the StorageOS container

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Control Plane

Orchestrates cluster operations such as volume placement, and detects and reacts to node failure, dynamically promoting volume replicas and moving mountpoints as appropriate.

Data Plane

The StorageOS data plane is the hot path for all data. Its an end-to-end, patented block storage implementation that includes replication, compression and encryption improving performance of your stateful application.

Getting started with StorageOS and Kubernetes

StorageOS natively integrates with Kubernetes. With StorageOS, users can request storage volumes using Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs), monitor volumes and add and remove nodes. Learn more from our docs.

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How StorageOS Works

StorageOS aggregates storage across all nodes in a cluster into a pool. It allows volumes to be provisioned from the pool and for containers to mount those volumes from anywhere in the cluster. StorageOS transparently redirects reads and writes to the appropriate volume, so the container is unaware of whether it is accessing local storage or remote storage. Volumes are thin provisioned to avoid consuming disk space unnecessarily.

StorageOS features are all enabled/disabled by applying labels to volumes. Labels can be passed to StorageOS via PersistentVolumeClaims (PVCs) or can be applied to volumes using the StorageOS CLI or GUI.

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Read our documentation

Get into the weeds to learn how you can use storageos with Kubernetes.

Learn with StorageOS

Watch our video guides that covering installation, setup and use of StorageOS

Get started with StorageOS

Run containerised production applications with StorageOS in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

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