Go (Golang) Developer / Software Engineer

As part of our growth, we have opportunities for talented Go (Golang) developers with a background in distributed systems or production API development.

An exciting, early-stage and rapidly growing software company, who are dedicated to solving persistent storage for containers. Our purpose-built solution, StorageOS is architected to meet the needs of developers, infrastructure teams and DevOps.

The role

Working for the Engineering Lead, you are a motivated software engineer who will help create our ground-breaking software-based storage solution.

How we work

We use a lot of Free and Open Source tools to build and run our product, and we want to make our own contributions to the community, both in terms of submissions to upstream projects and open sourced projects of our own.

It isn’t necessary to have a background in storage, or to have worked in a particular industry. We care about what you have done, and what you can do. There’s great scope to direct your career based on your interests and strengths.

Your Competencies and Professional Knowledge

Minimum requirements for the role

  • Familiarity with Linux as a development environment
  • Understanding of concepts such as filesystems, devices, sockets and threads
  • Ability to troubleshoot basic issues
  • A desire and willingness to learn

Preferred experience, that will really make you shine

  • Being comfortable with, or able to learn concurrent/parallel programming concepts
  • Strong vs eventual consistency
  • Thorough unit testing
  • Modern application architectures such as messaging, key/value stores, RESTful API design, security and microservices
  • Experience of containers
  • Exposure to Kubernetes or any other Cloud-Native tools

Our stack, in case you’re interested, is Go, C/C++, Raft based consensus, Distributed KV store (Etcd), gRPC & NATS messaging, Jenkins, Elastic Search, InfluxDB, Linux, Docker.

About StorageOS

StorageOS is a cloud-native, software-defined scale-out storage platform for running containerised applications in production, either on-premise or in the cloud. Platform agnostic, scalable and highly available, we think this is some of the most exciting tech around.

With offices in London and New York, we are a small, agile, close-knit team of accomplished Developers, Engineers and industry experts who are fanatical about innovation. We have a relaxed and friendly culture with open-minded leadership, and while the majority of our day to day work is office based to enhance team collaboration, we frequently work from home on an ad hoc basis.

How to apply

To apply for this role, email us at [email protected]. No new recruiters please.


Author: StorageOS

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