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StorageOS is a feature-rich, cloud native storage solution for Kubernetes.

Build stateful containerized apps using StorageOS to gain the performance, reliability, scalability and security for your business needs.

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Deterministic performance
Predictable low latency for databases and other stateful applications.

Data locality
Application workloads are automatically placed on nodes that have a local copy of the application data. This improves application performance by reducing latency.

In-memory caching
Speed up access to volumes even if volumes are located on a remote node.

Quality of service
Prioritize data traffic and address the “noisy neighbours” problem.

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Reliability & Scalability

StorageOS Delta Sync
Reduces the time to recovery allowing rapid cluster convergence by only replicating the missed data to the node.

Synchronous replication for high availability
Quickly recover applications and databases. Volumes are accessible across the entire cluster providing high availability, durability, and consistency of application data.

Disaggregated consensus
Each volume independently manages placement and recovery – reducing blast radius and increasing reliability in today’s complex, noisy environments.

Cloud native control plane
Performs volume provisioning and cluster operations in milliseconds, enabling complex workloads in large clusters.

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Ensure your data is safe at rest, and on the wire, with our powerful industry standard AES encryption. Keys are unique per volume and stored as Kubernetes secrets.

Secure by default
StorageOS enables security at every layer of the stack with automated certificate management, secure endpoints and encryption of data between nodes.

Access controls
Support multi-tenancy – full integration with Kubernetes namespaces and Role Based Access Control.

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Dynamic provisioning
Dynamically provision self-service storage using Kubernetes CSI, StorageClasses and Persistent Volumes Claims. Declarative configuration makes life simple for engineers.

Volume management
Flexible volume configuration. All features can be applied granularly per volume.

Thin provisioning
Only use the disk space you need in a storage pool.

Data compression
Transparent inline data compression to reduce the amount of storage used in a backing store as well as reducing the network bandwidth requirements for replication.

Block checksums
Each block is protected by a checksum which automatically detects any corruption of data in the underlying storage media.

Storage pooling
Pool storage from multiple nodes into a cluster-wide storage pool with a global volume namespace.

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Log streams for observability and Prometheus for instrumentation.

Prometheus metrics
View IOPS and bandwidth data for each volume – understand and monitor the IO load in your cluster.

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Open source CLI to manage cluster-wide configuration.

Visualize the storage environment with the StorageOS GUI for ease of use.

HTTP API used for managing volumes and StorageOS services.

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Installs anywhere
On-premises, bare metal, VMs, or in the cloud.

Integration/Supported platforms
Native integration with containers, Kubernetes and CSI. Certified for Openshift and Rancher, and integrates with AWS EKS, Google GKE and Azure AKS.

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Ease of use

Simple to install
The StorageOS operator makes it easy to install (with a few easy clicks)

Simple operation model
Simply provision volumes and connect them to applications – storage has never been so easy!

On Demand Learning for Developers

Our tutorials guide you through the setup and use of StorageOS. Use them to experiment, learn StorageOS and see how we can help solve problems with container storage.

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Get started with StorageOS

Run containerised production applications with StorageOS in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

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