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Docker Native Support for Kubernetes: Thoughts on the DockerCon News

DockerCon’s keynote yesterday made clear that Kubernetes has won the hearts and minds of the container ecosystem. Docker announced native support for Kubernetes. By offering native Kubernetes support for the first time, Docker is acknowledging that people are using it in sufficient numbers that they have to build in support according to TechCrunch.

So what does this mean for enterprise organizations adopting containers? It means the best of both worlds – a great container runtime with the most popular orchestrator in the market, combined and managed by the familiar Docker stack and platform.

With every major platform converging on Kubernetes, it’s now easier for enterprises to adopt and deploy cloud native application as they have a clear choice on the orchestrator to build their next generation platforms.

What does it mean for the ecosystem? Well, if you are not working natively with Kubernetes, it’s time to play catch up quick. The ecosystem now has a focal point and those that don’t work natively with Kubernetes either need to get coding or they are unlikely to be at future DockerCons.


Author: Alex Chircop

Experienced CTO with a focus on infrastructure engineering, architecture and strategy definition. Expert in designing innovative solutions based on a broad and deep understanding of a wide range of technology areas. Previously Global Head of Storage Platform Engineering at Goldman Sachs and Head of Infrastructure Platform Engineering at Nomura International.

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