About Us

Containers have made app deployment lightweight and portable. We think storage should be just as reliable and flexible.

StorageOS was created by four storage professionals from the financial services industry who were frustrated with storage industry problems.

They wanted a storage solution that didn’t dictate an application strategy or compromise performance based on size. Our solution? A software-defined storage solution built from the ground up for containers and clouds.

Headquartered in London, StorageOS was founded in 2015, and is backed by private investors.

Our Core Purpose

StorageOS gives customers total control of their storage environment – whether on-premises or in the cloud. We deliver persistent storage to applications in container environments, helping customers achieve all of the business benefits of containers and orchestrators.

We deliver this differently because we are a fully software defined storage company. Our software is enterprise class, highly performant with features for today’s digital business.

StorageOS technology and industry partners

Red hat
Cloud Native
StorageOS bee

Work at StorageOS

We are constantly looking for exceptional, talented, dedicated and professional people who want to be part of our team, and contribute to our growing company.

Working with StorageOS, you’ll be challenged, inspired and have a little fun along the way too. If this sounds like a company you would enjoy working for, then you’ve come to the right place.


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