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Run databases and persistent workloads in containers in the cloud with rapid failover, HA & security

Containers and cloud servers have revolutionized application deployment, but storage isn’t keeping up.

All the major cloud providers offer managed Kubernetes services, but their storage offerings do not provide the enterprise features required to run production stateful applications. As a result, enterprises are using container-based apps as scalable front ends, but still leveraging traditional database solutions or managed DB services that are not portable or scalable. Public cloud storage does not offer the performance, reliability, durability, or compliance required in an enterprise organization. To support enterprise adoption of containers, storage must evolve.

StorageOS delivers a cloud native storage solution delivering persistent container storage. Software-defined, StorageOS is a scaleout/up storage platform for running your enterprise containerized apps in production. StorageOS is conceptually pretty simple; itÕs a virtualization layer on top of any commodity or cloud storage. StorageOS also allows you to aggregate the ephemeral disk in your cloud nodes to deliver enterprise storage to your containerized apps.


Organizations requiring high performance for databases and stateful workloads can turn to StorageOS. By creating a software-defined, highly available storage pool, StorageOS ensures volumes are dynamically created and thin provisioned, then placed in the correct pools based on rules driven by Kubernetes labels.

Replication for High Availability

StorageOS replicates data synchronously between nodes for high availability and creates up to five synchronous replicas of a volume and integrates with cloud platforms to assure volumes are placed in different availability zones, reducing downtime and providing durability even when nodes and components fail.

Rapid Failover

If disk connection failover speed is important, StorageOS can help improve availability and failover times.


StorageOS helps to improve data security and compliance with automated encryption where enterprises control the keys.

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