Next week, join StorageOS CTO, Alex Chircop at DockerCon Europe 2017 as he discusses Cloud Native Storage Patterns with Docker.

On Tuesday, Oct 17, 4:15 PM – 4:35 PM, Ecosystem A in Auditorium 11, Alex will discuss why there is no such thing as a stateless architecture – containerized applications need to store data and state somewhere. We discuss what a storage platform should look like in cloud native architectures and what is needed to interface composable microservices with advanced containerized storage patterns. This session will also include a demo demonstrating how Docker Volume Plugins can manage a cluster wide storage pool and provide highly available persistent storage volumes to databases and applications.

By attending, the three main things you’ll learn include:

  1. Move your databases, message buses and instrumentation to persistent storage volumes
  2. Take advantage of advanced containerized storage patterns to improve high availability and security
  3. Understand how to use Docker Volume Plugins in your environment

How to Enable Persistent Data in Docker - Download Now


Author: Danielle Cook

Danielle is the Marketing Director at StorageOS.

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