Speakers at Cloud Native London June 2018 meetup

Cloud Native London June 2018 Roundup

Cloud Native London June 2018 is a wrap. Thanks to our sponsors who make these events possible: StorageOS, Tecknuovo, Contino, Pusher, Armakuni, and Megaport.

Ed Wilde from Form3

Ed Wilde from Form3 was first up with “Evolving Systems Design: From Unreliable rpc to Resilience with Linkerd”. In his talk, Ed described how service meshes are a great way to do ‘service to service’ communication. They fulfil cross-cutting concerns that would otherwise need to be implemented in each micro-service:

  • dealing with failure & timeouts
  • tracing distributed call chains
  • implementing in-transit security

Linkerd is a great example of a service mesh. It’s open source, extensible and fits into most distributed systems with ease.

Ed Smith from Megaport

Next up, Ed Smith from Megaport talked about “Multi-cloud Connectivity Made Easy”, where he explained how companies can now buy network connectivity like they buy cloud, in a consumption-based PAYG model. He showed how Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) provides the ability to privately connect multiple cloud environments within minutes. Contact Ed for more info and a free trial of the MCR product.

Ilya Dmitrichenko from Weaveworks

Lastly, Ilya Dmitrichenko from Weaveworks gave us “Best Practices for Using Developer Tooling to Drive Operations with GitOps”.  In his talk Ilya introduced eksctl, which is a tool built by Weaveworks and available at https://eksctl.io. EKS is a new managed Kubernetes offering from AWS, however getting started requires a user to take a series of distinct steps. eksctl streamlines these steps as a single command and makes it trivial to create an EKS cluster.

Cloud Native London – July

The July meetup will be on July 3, 2018, so get that in your calendar now! We have some exciting talks by speakers from Google, StorageOS and Cloud 66.

Save the dates to your calendars now and register!

If you’re thinking of speaking or sponsoring a meetup, please get in touch via this form.


Author: Cheryl Hung

Cheryl Hung is the Director of Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Cheryl codes, writes and speaks about storage, containers and infrastructure. Cheryl previously worked at StorageOS as product manager and as a Google Maps software engineer, with particular expertise in mapping and geolocation services, C++, Java and Python. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Masters in Computer Science and has worked in London and New York.

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