Cloud Native London February 2018 Roundup

For the first Cloud Native London Meetup of 2018, we had our busiest meetup yet, with 300 interested (and interesting!) techies all packing the room.

Kicking off the February agenda was the story behind Dailymotion becoming a worldwide platform, followed by challenges in monitoring Kubernetes and dynamic infrastructure. We wrapped up on how Kubernetes and container runtimes work together to run your workloads.

How DevOps is changing the roles of developers and engineers. #CloudNativeLon
How DevOps is changing the roles of developers and engineers. #CloudNativeLon

Smaine Kahlouch, senior technical lead and devops engineer at Arkena, and Stan Chollet, Chapter Lead Core API from Dailymotion jointly discussed “Dailymotion, from a French Monolith to a Worldwide Platform: A Human Story”, mentioning:

  • Project and technologies switching
  • The on-boarding process and taking care of your developers – take a look at « Gazr » (pronounced Gather) which is the solution they built to improve the developer experience in their teams.
Categorizing metrics with @DatadogOps at #CloudNativeLon.
Categorizing metrics with @DatadogOps at #CloudNativeLon.

Following that, Haïssam Kaj, Lead Software Engineer at Datadog, talked about Challenges in Monitoring Kubernetes, and Dynamic Infrastructure. His takeaways were:

  • Containers are moving and short-lived, focus on monitoring services over instances
  • Time series graphs are great for planning, real-time visualizations help you know where you stand now
  • Service discovery is not just about service-to-service communication, but also monitoring-tool-to-service
Kubernetes and container runtimes with @estesp at #CloudNativeLon
Kubernetes and container runtimes with @estesp at #CloudNativeLon

Finally Phil Estes, Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Cloud Platform, looked at the basic premise that Kubernetes depends on container runtimes like Docker to manage container operations, with these takeaways:

  • The introduction of the “container runtime interface” (CRI) abstracts these required container operations
  • With the CRI abstraction, Kubernetes administrators have a choice about which container runtime to use
  • The containerd project (and the CRI containerd plugin) are architected to be a performant and stable runtime for Kubernetes

See his slides.

Cloud Native London – March

We’re back on March 6, 2018 with more exciting talks and a panel discussion including speakers from Portworx, Scality and Redis Labs.

Save the dates to your calendars now and register!

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Author: Cheryl Hung

Cheryl Hung is the Director of Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Cheryl codes, writes and speaks about storage, containers and infrastructure. Cheryl previously worked at StorageOS as product manager and as a Google Maps software engineer, with particular expertise in mapping and geolocation services, C++, Java and Python. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Masters in Computer Science and has worked in London and New York.

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