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We manage their mission-critical data in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

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We integrated with StorageOS for their cloud-native storage platform to fuel the launch SoDA, a new way to control data movement between storage tiers, on-site and in the cloud.

Chris Drynan, COO, Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. (IMT)

I use StorageOS as one of our storage options when running kubeadm or Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform testing. StorageOS is easy to install and I never have to fight with it, it just works!

Valerie Clarkson, Software Engineer, Crunchy Data

StorageOS gave us a set of features we normally would have developed ourselves to meet our customers demand. StorageOS was the missing link for our containerized database platform. We can bring our container platform to the next level with the addition of StorageOS as our storage provider.

René Simoons, Founding Partner, Simtech

StorageOS just works! I don’t need to worry about storage anymore.

Shin Imai, Senior Consultant

There are a few critical areas in our stack where we cannot afford failure. Storage is one such area. We evaluated open-source options for cloud-native storage, but they were not as stable and scalable for our high-performance use case. We chose StorageOS because it is lightweight, reliable, scalable and performant.

Andy Jeffries, Chief Technical Officer, Civo

Collaboration with StorageOS enables our clients to move their stateful workloads to a complete EBRC managed Kubernetes infrastructure.

Yuri Colombi, Head of Solutions & Innovation, EBRC

The combination of Rancher and StorageOS gives Kubernetes users a powerful cloud native platform with the management layer and persistent storage needed to maximize their investment in containers, improve production deployment and decrease infrastructure costs.

Shannon Williams, Co-founder, Rancher Labs

By partnering with StorageOS we are enabling persistent storage for applications, making workloads easily available, developer friendly and seamless to the end user.

Bruno Andrade, Founder, Shipa

Red Hat logo StorageOS Operator Achieves Red Hat Certification

Customers are looking to migrate their applications to the cloud leveraging containers as the deployment model. Red Hat container certification assures a supportable platform for all types of customer deployment models. Red Hat is thrilled to work with software partners like StorageOS resulting in the world’s largest commercial ecosystem for containers.

Mike Werner, Sr. Director, Global Technology Partners, Red Hat

We’re excited to have StorageOS join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as it develops a persistent, stateful container storage for cloud native systems. We look forward to leveraging this knowledge as we further the adoption of cloud native computing.

Chris Aniszczyk, COO, CNCF

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