Civo Deploys StorageOS to Support Lightning-Fast Managed Kubernetes Development and Deployment Service

StorageOS implementation addresses critical challenges faced by MSPs, including slow provisioning of storage resources, unresponsive vendor partner support, and ability to compete competitively in an increasingly crowded marketplace

Coffee & Containers – Simplifying Storage in Kubernetes

Simplifying Storage in Kubernetes  

Introducing StorageOS V2.3: ReadWriteMany

We are pleased and proud to announce the release of StorageOS v2.3, containing our ReadWriteMany […]

Blog: Testing at StorageOS

At the beginning of 2019 StorageOS embarked on a significant development effort to build v2.0 […]

Blog: StorageOS V2.0 Release

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work on version 2.0 of StorageOS, […]

Blog: StorageOS V2.0 Milestone Reached!

Today we are pleased to announce StorageOS V2.0! This marks a huge accomplishment for the […]

Blog: 8 Questions from the Kubernetes Master Class on Deploying WordPress and MySQL without Data Loss

Recently my colleague Ferran Arau Castell (@FerranArau) presented a Kubernetes Master Class on deploying WordPress […]

Blog: Kubernetes Storage for Cloud Native Workloads

When choosing the right Kubernetes storage system for a cloud native workload, it’s important to […]

Storage for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services. It facilitates […]

Cloud Native Storage: The Benchmarking Challenge

Understanding challenges and best practices when benchmarking cloud native storage solutions.    It’s natural to […]

Composable Storage and Storage Aware Application Placement for Kubernetes

Kubernetes abstracts the underlying infrastructure platform by providing a declarative and composable format for deploying […]

Understanding How StorageOS Works with Kubernetes

Everyone is in a different place in terms of the transition to containers. For me, […]

Run Highly Available and Resilient Jenkins Masters with StorageOS

Jenkins is a popular open source CI/CD server. Due to its flexibility and extensibility it […]

What does it mean for storage to be cloud native?

Especially for developers who haven’t had, until recently, to even think about storage, cloud native […]

Running Stateful applications in Kubernetes

Most users start their journey to containers with stateless applications. They soon realize that stateful […]

Understanding the Cloud Native Storage Landscape

This talk is covering cloud-native storage technologies and how they fit in orchestrated workloads. We […]

6 Questions Answered from CNCF Webinar on Storage for Containerized Stateful Apps

Alex Chircop, co-chair of the CNCF Storage SIG answers six questions from the CNCF webinar […]

Demo: Installing StorageOS on Rancher

Rancher is a complete software stack for teams adopting containers. It addresses the operational and […]

Demo: Installing StorageOS on OpenShift 4

The Red Hat Certified StorageOS Operator allows one-click installation and on-going management of its cloud […]

Why the CNCF Storage SIG wrote the Storage Landscape Whitepaper

The CNCF Storage SIG has authored the CNCF Storage Landscape Whitepaper to help end users […]

StorageOS 1.2 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of StorageOS 1.2, the latest version of our […]

Using Software-Defined Storage for Better Applications

Software-defined storage is not a new concept, at least in the context of the computer […]

The Stateless Fallacy: Why Containerized Apps Need Stateful Storage

When containers were first introduced as a way to package microservices, they were designed to […]

How to Deploy StorageOS in an OpenShift Cluster [Video Demo]

If you plan to deploy databases, message busses, and other mission-critical stateful solutions, where rapid […]

Storage Cluster Operator Now Available: Easily Install and Manage StorageOS in Kubernetes, OpenShift or Rancher

Deploying a software defined storage product across a cluster can be challenging. Among the myriad […]

Why Orchestrated Storage for Containers?

To answer why orchestrated storage for containers effectively, we first have to answer two predecessor […]

StorageOS – Cloud native, persistent storage for containers [Video]

Containers and cloud servers have revolutionized application deployment, but storage isn’t keeping up. Enterprises are […]

StorageOS at KubeCon 2018

KubeCon Seattle is next week and cloud native storage will be a hot topic. Remember […]

Cloud Native London June 2018 Roundup

Cloud Native London June 2018 is a wrap. Thanks to our sponsors who make these […]

StorageOS Wrap of KubeCon and CloudNativeCon

The StorageOS team joined 4500 DevOps enthusiasts at KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 in the […]

StorageOS Goes GA: Enterprise Persistent Container Storage

I am so pleased today to announce that StorageOS is now generally available. A cloud […]

Cloud Native London April 2018 Roundup

Cloud Native London meetup was back on a dry and pleasant April evening with 219 […]

Cloud Native London March 2018 Roundup

The March 2018 Cloud Native London Meetup featured an ‘Ask Me Anything’ panel discussion on […]

StorageOS v0.10.0 Released with New GUI

I’m pleased to announce the release of StorageOS version 0.10.0. The latest beta version includes […]

Persistent Storage for Containers: Stateful Apps in Docker

Containers have obviously changed the way we deploy apps to our infrastructure. We’ve gone from […]

Using Helm Charts to Install StorageOS on a Kubernetes Cluster

Helm helps you manage Kubernetes applications by defining, installing, and upgrading your Kubernetes applications. With […]

Cloud Native London February 2018 Roundup

For the first Cloud Native London Meetup of 2018, we had our busiest meetup yet, […]

How StorageOS Stacks Up to Cloud Native Storage

Traditional storage solutions were designed to present storage to hypervisors or operating system instances, and […]

Cloud Native London Meetup – December Roundup

The end to its inaugural year, we celebrated in style at the December Cloud Native […]

What is Cloud Native Storage?

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) defines cloud native systems as having the following properties […]

Container Gotchas – The Persistent Storage Problem

Most people have heard the mantra that containers should be immutable and infrastructure should be […]

Cloud Native London November Roundup

Despite a definite chill in the London weather, the Cloud Native community turned out for […]

Cloud Native Storage Patterns with Docker

Watch Alex Chircop as he discusses why there is no such thing as a stateless […]

Interactive Tutorial: Sandbox Docker Cluster

Trying StorageOS is easy. Here you can try the first of five interactive tutorials providing […]

Enterprise Adoption of Docker and Native Kubernetes Support at DockerCon EU 17

Two themes emerged from Docker’s keynotes: The increasing enterprise adoption of Docker for existing applications. […]

Cloud Native Storage Patterns with Docker

Next week, join StorageOS CTO, Alex Chircop at DockerCon Europe 2017 as he discusses Cloud Native […]

Practical Examples of Cloud Native: Meetup Roundup

On a greyish London evening, about a hundred Cloud Native enthusiasts gathered in the heart […]

Cloud Native London, October 2017: Microservices and Services Meshes

Join us at Cloud Native London Meetup on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 6:30 PM […]

Code, Collaboration and Community: Open Source Summit NA

The Linux Foundation brought open source software to Los Angeles with the newly minted Open […]

StorageOS 0.8.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of StorageOS 0.8.1. This release further simplifies […]

StorageOS Platform Architecture Overview

Container technology and microservices solve many critical challenges, bridging the Dev/Ops divide and helping organizations […]

GartnerCAT: Selecting a Storage Approach for Stateful Application Containers

If you’ve attended today’s session at Gartner Catalyst on Selecting a Storage Approach for Stateful […]

containerd, K8s APIs and Keel at Cloud Native London

On 1 August 2017, I hosted another successful Cloud Native London meetup, with over a […]

Launching Cloud Native London

As a CNCF ambassador, I kicked off the very first ever Cloud Native meetup in […]

Kubernetes 1.7: Native StorageOS Volume Support

We are excited to announce that the release of Kubernetes 1.7 adds native support for […]

StorageOS Vision for Cloud Native Storage for Today’s Modern IT

Storage is evolving. This evolution is based on the convergence of several strategies driving technology […]

NATS: the good, gotchas and some awesome features

Over the last two years, I have used NATS extensively in many projects. In this […]

Why Containers Miss a Major Mark: Solving Persistent Data in Docker

We know how to develop faster. We know how to release faster. Now we need […]

The Cloud and Container Storage World is Changing

As StorageOS’s developer advocate, I help developers understand the latest trends in cloud computing and […]

StorageOS is Docker Certified: Meet StorageOS at DockerCon17

We are excited to announce that StorageOS is Docker Certified! The Docker Certification Program is […]

Surviving an AWS outage: Multi-Region Storage

On February 28 2017, Amazon’s S3 web-based storage service experienced widespread issues that caused disruption […]

3 Use Cases for Persistent Container Storage

Ethan Banks, IT architect and cofounder of Packet Pushers said in an article on improving […]

6 Problems with Container Technology

Everyone is talking about containers, yet there’s many people that don’t understand containers and even […]

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