Author: Alex Chircop

Blog: Kubernetes Storage for Cloud Native Workloads

When choosing the right Kubernetes storage system for a cloud native workload, it’s important to […]

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What does it mean for storage to be cloud native?

Especially for developers who haven’t had, until recently, to even think about storage, cloud native […]

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Why the CNCF Storage SIG wrote the Storage Landscape Whitepaper

The CNCF Storage SIG has authored the CNCF Storage Landscape Whitepaper to help end users […]

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Using Software-Defined Storage for Better Applications

Software-defined storage is not a new concept, at least in the context of the computer […]

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The Stateless Fallacy: Why Containerized Apps Need Stateful Storage

When containers were first introduced as a way to package microservices, they were designed to […]

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StorageOS Goes GA: Enterprise Persistent Container Storage

I am so pleased today to announce that StorageOS is now generally available. A cloud […]

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Persistent Storage for Containers: Stateful Apps in Docker

Containers have obviously changed the way we deploy apps to our infrastructure. We’ve gone from […]

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How StorageOS Stacks Up to Cloud Native Storage

Traditional storage solutions were designed to present storage to hypervisors or operating system instances, and […]

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What is Cloud Native Storage?

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) defines cloud native systems as having the following properties […]

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Docker Native Support for Kubernetes: Thoughts on the DockerCon News

DockerCon’s keynote yesterday made clear that Kubernetes has won the hearts and minds of the […]

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StorageOS Platform Architecture Overview

Container technology and microservices solve many critical challenges, bridging the Dev/Ops divide and helping organizations […]

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StorageOS Vision for Cloud Native Storage for Today’s Modern IT

Storage is evolving. This evolution is based on the convergence of several strategies driving technology […]

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