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ActualTech Media: 2017 Enterprise IT Secrets Revealed!

ActualTech Media discusses 2017 trends. Here they feature StorageOS in predictions on containers.


“Another area that’s been getting a lot of digital ink in 2016 is containers, which many describe as the next wave of virtualization.  2016 has been the year of hype for this nascent technology, but 2017 may bring containers a bit more mainstream as well-established companies integrate them with their own offerings.  There is good reason to do so.  Containers, when used correctly, have the potential to provide companies with performance benefits without some of the tradeoffs that come with virtualization.

This is also the direction predicted by Chris Brandon, CEO and Founder, StorageOS.”

2016 saw the next evolution of container technology with the creation of persistent, highly available, scalable containers storage. Many SME and Enterprise customers have started to test and prepare these systems for production. In 2017, these developments will change the landscape not just for devops but for all enterprises wishing to drive down cost and decrease time to market. Containers are used to quickly build and deploy cloud native applications that run securely on multiple platforms or cloud providers’ environments. Users now require scalable, deterministic, low latency storage that can securely move data with the container based application between bare metal devices, virtual machines or cloud infrastructure. They also need to maintain the control of Service Levels and Compliance for these system. With persistent storage, containers can be used – not just for applications – but databases as well. In 2017, we will see even greater adoption of containers by service providers and enterprises of all sizes as companies continue to develop in the cloud. The winners will be the ones focused on leveraging existing investment and maintaining business control, while delivering ease of use and sophisticated integration to make developers lives easy.



Author: Danielle Cook

Danielle is the Marketing Director at StorageOS.

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