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24X7 IT Connection: Use Any Storage with Docker Containers for your Enterprise

As enterprises continue to become interested in Docker; the types of features we have access to and the available third party integrations become more and more important.  You may have previously seen this topic covered on 24×7 IT Connection by Melissa Palmer.  In this post she explains what Docker is and why we care.  More specifically she explains in this article what Docker is and why we should be interested.  She states that “Docker is an OpenSource application environment.  It uses a concept called containers, which can run on top of any operating system, any hypervisor, or any hardware.”

Just think about the possibilities with this type of technology!  To me, I feel we are watching the evolution of containerization of data unfold.  As new developments and features become available in the space we are starting to see the flexibility that organizations need being strongly considering moving into this space.

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Author: Danielle Cook

Danielle is the Marketing Director at StorageOS.

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