Cloud native storage

Software-defined, persistent storage for containers, built for developers

There is no such thing as a stateless architecture. Applications store state somewhere. StorageOS is a software-defined, cloud native storage solution. Use StorageOS to develop cloud native systems with persistent storage for stateful applications in production.

Built to run with any stateful application, on any infrastructure, and as a container, StorageOS easily integrates with your favorite platforms – Kubernetes, OpenShift, Rancher or Docker.

High availability for stateful applications

Use StorageOS to run Cassandra, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Redis.

Persistent volumes for Kubernetes

Dynamically provision storage using Kubernetes Storage Classes and Persistent Volume Claims.

Migrate stateful applications to Rancher

Allow the migration of stateful applications to containers with Rancher.

StorageOS for AKS

Use Azure Managed Disks with Kubernetes PVC for rapid failover, HA and performance.

Deploy any stateful application in production

StorageOS works with any orchestrator, application and infrastructure

StorageOS technology and industry partners

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