Enterprise persistent storage
for containers and the cloud

Provision storage through native integration with Kubernetes, OpenShift and Docker

StorageOS is a software-based storage platform designed to solve the problem with container technologies, persistent storage.

Built by developers and sysadmins experienced in managing enterprise storage, StorageOS aggregates storage across a cluster of machines and presents it as high availability, low latency block storage.

For developers and DevOps

Build stateful containerized apps, with fast, highly available persistent storage. Deploy with a single container on 64-bit Linux.

For infrastructure teams

Provisioning automation, security, and reporting for cloud and container storage with policy driven placement and enterprise storage features.

Deploy any stateful application in production

StorageOS works with any orchestrator, application and infrastructure

Explore StorageOS primary use cases

Storage for any container with any orchestration on any infrastructure.

Containerize data-intensive applications such as databases in minutes with a Certified Docker Volume Plugin.

Deliver highly available, secure container or cloud storage, independent of the infrastructure for Kubernetes and Docker.

Add rapid failover, high availability and security to cloud-based managed Kubernetes services like Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Get started for free

Deploy a StorageOS cluster in 10 minutes – no credit card required.

StorageOS technology and industry partners

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The promise of the StorageOS solution is around its ability to quickly deliver resilient storage anywhere to meet the demands of DevOps and cloud architects at a cost structure that makes sense for the cloud era.

Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group