Enterprise persistent storage for containers

Provision storage through native integration with Kubernetes, OpenShift and Docker

Your Cloud Native, Persistent Storage Platform

StorageOS is cloud native, persistent storage for containers. Benefit from application-centric container storage that moves with your application.

StorageOS makes it easy to build stateful containerized apps with fast, highly available persistent storage. Enterprises benefit from the same policy management and compliance features expected in traditional enterprise storage solutions.

Built to run with any stateful application, on any infrastructure with any orchestrator and as a container, StorageOS easily integrates with your favorite platforms – Kubernetes, OpenShift or Docker and fully implements the Container Storage Interface (CSI).

Explore StorageOS primary use cases

Cloud native storage for any container with any orchestration on any infrastructure.

High availability for databases

Ideal for deploying databases, message busses, and other mission-critical stateful solutions, where rapid recovery and fault tolerance are essential.

Persistent volumes for Kubernetes and OpenShift

Dynamically provision storage using Kubernetes Storage Classes and Persistent Volume Claims.

Data security

Meet enterprise storage security requirements – access controls, encryption.

Cloud integrations

StorageOS is cloud agnostic delivering rapid failover, HA and enterprise security.

Deploy any stateful application in production

StorageOS works with any orchestrator, application and infrastructure

StorageOS adds value to your business

StorageOS delivers you an enterprise class, cloud native storage solution that you can deploy anywhere with the performance, data services and policy management you’d expect of any enterprise storage solution. It easily integrates with your favorite platforms – Kubernetes, OpenShift or Docker – so it is easy to use and delivers significant time to market advantage. Its cost-effective, OPEX model and automation-tools allow you to realize the full financial benefits and flexibility of cloud, without lock-ins.

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