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Containers are revolutionising application deployment – but there are still challenges for enterprise and production deployment.

Containers were originally designed to be stateless – they do not natively support requirements for databases, application state and instrumentation data. Traditional storage architectures are complex and lack API functionality to support DevOps. Storage doesn’t scale with apps and performance is unpredictable. It’s also very difficult to move data securely between locations and/or cloud providers and management and performance tool sets are lacking. Finally, the cost model is geared towards fork lift CAPEX spikes and complex refresh cycles.

A better solution is needed to deliver reliable, stateful container storage.

Why StorageOS?

StorageOS delivers persistent storage for containers, delivering scalable, deterministic, low latency storage performance and simplifying provisioning and management of containerized storage. All while enabling secure data mobility for containers to move data between bare metal, virtual machines or cloud storage.

Gain access to full enterprise storage array functionality delivered via software on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Build enterprise-ready, scalable container based apps.

Accelerate productionization of stateful container based apps.

Create disaster recovery in the cloud.


Get hypervisor storage functionality in a container environment.

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Cut AWS monthly bills with very little work.


Eliminate the hassle of storage management.

Designed to allow 3rd party data services as well as customer databases, analytics platforms and applications to run natively on the storage platform through use of containers.

Deployable as containers and runs on bare metal servers, virtual machines or cloud instances in any combination.

Storage services for any size customer from a small startup to a large enterprise.

Innovation is core to our company ethos. That’s why we are integrating with these container and cloud technologies.
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