Use Cases

StorageOS enables developers, DevOps and WinOps to build enterprise-ready, scalable container based applications in software. Below are a few of the use cases demonstrating how organizations can use StorageOS to tackle specific container storage challenges with a software solution.

We have built and tested these use cases, but we want to encourage our community to try StorageOS, play with it, test it, and tell us how we are adding value. We want you to use StorageOS in new and innovative ways!

Deploy a production HA, persistent container-based project


As apps move towards production deployment, stability, efficient resource utilization and security all become more important. Traditionally, this is where storage administrators have concerns such as:

What happens if a node goes down?

Is the data replicated?

How can I reduce spend?

Is the data secure?

StorageOS automates and delivers HA production container environments using the same RESTful API to configure and manage the environment on any platform in use – whether that is a cluster of bare metal servers or a hypervisor environment like VMWare or cloud environments.

The StorageOS control plane offers provisioning and HA as well as implementation rules for data placement and policy. We delegate provisioning of storage to different DevOps teams within an organization and created a language to allow developers to automatically deploy the right policy to the right type of data. For example, production databases always end up on faster storage, with the right levels of replication for HA between clusters and the correct encryption keys for compliance.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)


In a CI or CD environment, developers are creating and deploying hundreds or thousands of containers in a single day. StorageOS delivers the functionality to create snapshots and clones allowing developers to programmatically build, create, scale, destroy, take-down and re-use containers for testing and integration purposes.

In an automated Build/Test environment like Jenkins, developers can script the scaling of very large test environments, make a change, roll out a new configuration, test it, take it down, build it, back it up, test it again and do this in AWS, a local VMware environment, or in a bare metal container environment – whatever makes most sense for the developer.

Deploy securely in a cloud environment with stateful HA storage


As containers are moved to the cloud, StorageOS provides a security and portability layer that allows developers to span between or burst into clouds – AWS, Azure, Google – more to come in the future.

By installing StorageOS on nodes with cloud storage, DevOps reduce costs, ensure data protection and improve performance.

Deploy as part of a container platform in an enterprise environment


Relational database management is expensive. As a result, developers want the ability to move containers around instead of being tied to a single platform. StorageOS helps developers build stateful containers where they have existing apps, and want to use databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, amongst others. StorageOS helps developers deploy a database in a chosen environment, delivering fast and durable storage for it.

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