Eliminate the hassle of storage management. Full enterprise storage array functionality delivered via software on a pay-as-you-go basis. For a detailed list of features available per model, see our pricing page.

Storage for databases which is fast, stateful, durable, highly available and simple to deploy.

Data stays local to the node running the app for maximum throughput, lowest latency & deterministic performance.

Secure data mobility for containers to move data between bare metal, virtual machines or cloud storage.

Scale out storage to add nodes without the complexity of distributed storage.

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Built in data reduction, compression & deduplication to shrink storage costs.

Easy to use, policy-based rules to automate placement, encryption & replication.

Replication at block level eliminates need for complex disaster recovery or app level replication to rapidly recover from node or component failures.

Encrypted volumes to keep data safe at rest and in transit.

Storage services for any size customer from a small startup to a large enterprise.

StorageOS is available anywhere containers run


Integrates with the leading container technologies.


Runs anywhere, on customer’s servers, virtual machines or cloud instances.

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Consistent cross platform API allows you to manage your storage in the same way in every environment.

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Try the beta version of StorageOS for free including unlimited storage. As you grow, our disruptive pricing model offers simple, pay as you go pricing.