Q1 Who can benefit from StorageOS?

StorageOS helps DevOps and SysAdmins build low-cost, secure storage platforms on their existing physical servers, virtual environments, SAN based storage, or Cloud platforms. So the simple answer is anyone that needs to deliver storage in an Agile way will benefit from StorageOS.

Q2 What systems does StorageOS support?

StorageOS is more than a traditional storage array – it delivers a storage and application platform for containers where containers run natively on StorageOS, as well as traditional block storage via iSCSI and FC to virtual infrastructures, applications and databases.   It is API driven and integrated into your favorite platforms including VMware, OpenStack, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean.

Q3 What are the prerequisites?

StorageOS is the only Operating System you will ever need for all your storage.  It is designed to use a tiny memory and CPU footprint and installs on any server, VM or cloud instance with 1 core and 2GB of RAM.

StorageOS can use any type of disk (e.g. SSD, SAS, SATA as well as virtual drives such as EBS), will automatically detect the relative performance of each disk and place the most used data on the fastest disks.  StorageOS is optimised for SSDs and is an ideal platform to build out all-flash systems using commodity SSD devices.

In all configurations, a small amount of SSD capacity will significantly increase performance as it will be automatically used for caching and/or consistency.  SSD is mandatory if deduplication is enabled.

Q4 How does it scale?

StorageOS was designed from the ground up as a Storage Operating System, so it is both scale-up and scale-out, depending on your requirements.

You can use bigger servers with more storage to scale up performance, or add more nodes or cloud instances to scale out in a distributed topology. You can then create tags to define policies based on data protection, location, affinity, and replication requirements by data set, application, or business unit.

Each StorageOS instance can be linked to a cluster of other nodes to provide central management, replication, migration, encryption, and de-duplication across multiple systems or physical locations via an encrypted, secure TCP/IP connection.

As local storage has the lowest latency, StorageOS optimises data placement to ensure primary storage is on the same node as the application and allows data to follow an application as it moves through its operational lifecycle.

Q5 How can StorageOS enable me to move to the cloud?

Many businesses want to leverage “the cloud” more, but have concerns about cost, security, and bandwidth. StorageOS helps solves all these problems. You can choose to encrypt all data at rest and in flight with keys that you control, so any data stored in the cloud is only visible to you and your staff.

StorageOS also supports in-line data de-duplication and compression to reduce the cost of cloud based storage and network bandwidth used for cloud migration and replication between cloud providers.  All of this is done inline to the standard data path.

Finally, as StorageOS runs on any platform and makes it very easy to move data online, we break vendor lock-in and facilitate hybrid cloud and migration & replication between cloud providers.

Q6 What is the commercial model?

StorageOS delivers a zero cost entry point solution:  it is free to download, and you can install it and run it on your existing systems for free in minutes.

The Developer edition is free for developer environments forever.

The Professional edition add high availability, performance and features needed for a production environment at a simple low monthly subscription.

Additional capacity is available in tiered increments for the storage capacity that is being presented or utilised by your applications.

Please review our pricing page for additional details.


Q7 StorageOS sounds awesome – are you hiring ?


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