StorageOS was created by four storage professionals from the financial services industry who were frustrated with storage industry problems. Our solution? A stateful, durable, highly available, software only, enterprise-ready persistent container storage.

Headquartered in London, StorageOS was founded in 2013 following its first funding round.

The StorageOS Vision

We built StorageOS so developers, DevOps and WinOps teams can build enterprise-ready, scalable container based applications.

StorageOS gives these teams total control of their own storage environment – whether on a customer’s servers, a virtual machine or a cloud instance in any combination. By providing full enterprise storage array functionality delivered via software on a pay-as-you-go basis, our platform enables customers to take advantage of storage on any platform while maintaining full control of business requirements around availability, data mobility, performance, security, data residency compliance and business continuity.

Get started with StorageOS

Try the beta version of StorageOS for free including unlimited storage. As you grow, our disruptive pricing model offers simple, pay as you go pricing.