Stateful container software that scales with your apps for Docker

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We built StorageOS so developers, DevOps and WinOps teams can build enterprise-ready, scalable container based applications with persistent, highly-available, durable storage.

StorageOS software enables easy, automated deployment and failover of persistent storage for databases anywhere – bare metal, virtual machine, or in the cloud.

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See how simple and easy it is to deploy and scale stateful, fast and reliable storage for your container environment with StorageOS.

StorageOS makes developers lives simple. Its intuitive UI offers end-users stateful containers for databases for fast database recovery, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and any persistent container storage requirement needed.

StorageOS use cases

StorageOS enables developers, DevOps and WinOps to build enterprise-ready, scalable container based applications in software. Below are a few of the use cases demonstrating how organizations can use StorageOS to tackle specific container storage challenges with a software solution.

Deploy as part of a container platform in an enterprise environment.

Deploy securely in a cloud environment with stateful HA storage.

Deploy a production HA, persistent container-based project.

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